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Is Instagram usefull for an artist and how to integrate it in your website ?

Several friends artists ask me if Instagram is useful for an artist and how to use it in your “websphere” ?

Is Instagram useful ?

My answer is YES, it is useful for many reasons :

  • you can reach new people interested in your art
  • you can see inspirational works of other artists
  • you can link with people in other areas than yours, for instance food’s world, car’s world, music’s world

and it allows you to see how public reacts to your art, there are instant answers when you post an image. Sometimes it is a hit, sometimes not. You always have to keep in mind that 80 million images are posted every day on Instagram, so it is a real job to emerge in this ocean!


How to integrate Instagram in you website?

I am using wordpress as a CMS for my website. There are several plugins to include Instagram in your website. I have choosen “Enjoy Plugin for Instagram” because it is really simple to use, web responsive and it is free! It looks like a dynamic carousel so that many pictures are showed on your webpage.

The steps are

  • go to your WordPress admin interface
  • plugins / add new
  • search Enjoy Plugin for Instagram
  • once installed you have to connect to your Instagram profile (user/pwd)
  • then you specify your settings : size, number of images, aso…

I positioned my instagram on the sidebar because it is more visible and always at the same place.

It is easy and the result is really interesting !

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