2021 "Parigny-le-Temple", personal exhibition (canceled due to gov restrictions)

Savigny-le-Temple (southern Paris), France

2020 Journées portes ouvertes des ateliers d'artistes , collective exhibition (sept. 26th - 27th)

Nemours et Saint-Pierre les Nemours, France

2020 "Around mailboxes", personal exhibition (march 7th - 29th)

Pavillon de l'érable, Avon (southern Paris), France

2020 "8ème expo photo", collective exhibition (february 1st - 2nd)

Mairie, Moncourt-Fromonville (southern Paris), France

2019 "Les 4 saisons", collective exhibition (October)

Larchant (southern Paris), France

2019 "Kaleidoscope", Duo exhibition with Lydia Cañizares (October 4th - 27th)

Mercure Hotel ***, Fontainebleau (southern Paris), France

2019 "Au fil des lavoirs", collective exhibition (June 22nd - 23rd)

Diant (Southern Paris), France

2019 "Fruits et légumes", collective exhibition (June 14th - July 1st)

Courton le Haut (South east Paris), France

2019 "Auto[im]mobile", ateliers portes ouvertes, collective exhibition (May 18th - 19th)

Nemours (South east Paris), France

2019 "Parizon", personal exhibition (february 28th - march 10th)

Barbizon (Southern Paris), France

2018 Rencontres chez Pascal Bost, en off des Journées européennes du patrimoine, collective exhibition (15th-16th september)

Château Landon (Southern Paris), France

2018 "Deep", personal exhibition (june 1st-30th)

Paris 5, France

2017 "Round and round", personnal exhibition (9th september - 11th october)

Paris 12, France

2017 "Strange World", personal exhibition (june 21st - july 3rd)

Barbizon (southern Paris, France)

2017 "Traffic Jam", personal exhibition with Coming'Art

Melun (southern Paris, France)

2017 "Accumulation", personal exhibition at FLC77

Fontainebleau (southern Paris, France)

2016 ­ “Festival des couleurs”

Bleu, Villiers­-sous-­Grez (southern Paris, France)

Noir, Barbizon (southern Paris, France)

2015 ­ “Chimères”

Galerie Oeil du huit, Paris

2012 ­ “Ouvrir les yeux”

Le Touquet (northern France). Look at the catalog

2011 ­ “Photogrez”

Grez sur Loing (southern Paris, France)

Nicolas Segard photo

Who I Am

I photograph a blue and a strange world.

The first time I played with a camera it was an argentic one. Since technology has come to the digital camera and the software.

So I explore this infinite field of creation to share my view of our world.


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SIRET : 82854512900011

What is a Fine Art Photography ?

A Fine Art Photography is a piece of art.

  • I will send a certificate of authenticity with your prints.
  • Each photography has a limited number of prints worldwide (30) so that you keep exclusive artistic picture.

This piece of art is made of the picture and more !

  • The ink is a High Quality Pigmented one.
  • The paper is a High Quality one.
  • The prints are made in France by a high talented professional

So you can see many colorfull details and your print is 100 years old garanteed !

Standard print on the left / Fine Art print on the right
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