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How to protect your photos : the copyright and so on…

There is always a dilemma on what to show on internet to be seen and what not to show to protect your images.

My answer on this question is that you can put your images on the web only by following this recommendations :

  • protect your originals by a legal deposit. You put your shots to a lawyer, it allows your to give a date for your original creations
  • upload only low resolution files, for instance 92 dpi. To print with high quality it is necessary to reach 300 dpi at least
  • upload medium size pictures, 1000 pixels maximum
  • put a copyright on your shot, i use watermark in the middle of the picture so that a copy can’t be done without your copyright

and well, whatever you put on the internet, it could be duplicated…

…and that’s a good sign because it means that what you do is liked by people !

Just be sure the link between the photo and its author is easy to find.


Illustration : Par User:Anonymous101 and authors of the images at [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons




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