Danger #1 Art Photography by Nicolas Segard Printed by Subligraphy (copyrighted technology on aluminium)

I sell online on Saatchi.com !

I am pleased to announce my first art piece for sale on Saatchi Gallery : Danger #1 (<- click here to go to Saatchi Online)

When you want to sell your art online you have 2 options :

  • Option 1 : sell on your own website. You can manage from A to Z all the steps from the selling page to the cart and the payment, your profit is 100%…but ! You have to manage your e-shop, have different payment methods, manage your client profile, aso…
  • Option 2 : sell through a professional network. You art is promoted by professional communicants, with buyers already known. Even if your profit is not 100% it is an easy way to put your art online.

The 2 options are compatibles, my advise for a beginner is to take option 2.






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