Digital target

Color, you say color ?

As I say during my exhibitions an art photography is a piece of art made of materials.

Even if there are millions of pictures on screens, it is a really different point of view to see an art photography in the real world.

If you take the blue pill, as I do, then you have to treat it with respect and requirement.

There is a serious game to make your blue the same

  • Step 1 : from the real life to the camera
  • Step 2 : from the camera to the computer,
  • Step 3 : from the computer to the printer,
  • Step 4 : from the printer to the medium (e. g paper)

That is why you have to use special tools at each step :

Step 1 : a color pattern. You take a picture with your color pattern and the following with the same settings

Step 2 : a digital calibration to share the same color values between the camera and the computer (screen and files)

Step 3 : a color space, available in photoshop for instance, so that the computer say to the printer “Hey, this is my blue, print the same please!”

Step 4 : calibrating the printer with the same settings that the step 1

Step 5 : surprise ! you see the picture in the real world again !







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